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Interested in becoming a vendor at Angel City Market at our Santa Monica Third Street Promenade location? Look no further! This market is located at one of the most renowned shopping locations in the world. Get connected with people from all across the world at this tourist destination hot spot! ACM at the Third Street Promenade is a great environment to connect you with new customers and clients. Angel City Market takes places across the different blocks in the Santa Monica promenade between all the popular restaurants and world-renowned brands. This market is designed to provide an inclusive representation of the true Los Angeles culture. Apply today and become a part of our growing vendor community.


We encourage all vendors to network with each other as you never know who could help take your business to the next level. 

All markets are on a first come first serve basis, but we work on having a variety of vendors. We like to give new vendors an opportunity to be a part of our growing markets.

Visit our vendor FAQ section for more information.

Interested in applying? Apply today through the button below!


Still have questions?

Have any questions? Visit our vendor FAQ page. Still have questions? Drop you name and email below and we'll reach out!

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